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  • 5 Must See Places in Miami

     August 27, 2014

    Featuring stunning white sand beaches and a world-famous nightlife, Miami is a top tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists. In fact, Miami hosted a record-setting 14.2 million tourists in 2013. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe on pristine beaches, dance the night away in sizzling South Beach, or enjoy the natural wonders of a tropical paradise, Miami is an excellent destination and one of America’s most beautiful gems.

  • Friendly Place in Canada Called Nova Scotia

     August 23, 2014

    The locals brag that Nova Scotia is the friendliest place in Canada with the most friendlies people. I must agree, they are right about this. Individuals here are excessively pleasant. Do not be surprised to know that the people won’t lock their doors when they go out. That fact, combined with over one hundred shores, beautiful lighthouses, extraordinary cruising and the delicious seafood because this region of Canada is the fundamental fishing area, and a grand…

  • 6 Ways to Have a Safer Travel

     August 18, 2014

    It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling alone or in a group of people, for business or just for pleasure, the most important things is how you should be traveling safe. Below is 6 ways on how you can have a safer travel.

  • Honduras, Hotspot For Backpackers


    If you’re just like me who often look for a good way of getting off the beaten path in Central America, Honduras is probably a perfect destination for you. When I first arrived there, I realized that Honduras has become a hotspot for most backpackers who enjoy the vast national parks, Mayan Ruins and the country’s tremendous wildlife. Although often skipped by most travelers, the country has established a record on its own with its popular…

  • Nicaragua As The “IT-Spot” To Visit

     August 13, 2014

    The largest country in Central America is none other than Nicaragua. I was doubting about my decision of visiting the country at first, considering years of civil and political unrest combined with the massive destruction of earthquakes taking place in Nicaragua made almost every traveler think this is the country with the lowest percentage of tourists visiting in the region. However, after an extensive research about it, I figured out that this country is becoming the…

  • The Fascinating Belize

     August 8, 2014

    Belize is situated in between Mexico and Guatemala. It brags as one of the biggest tourist destinations in Central America. If you ask me, well, I’d say that it’s definitely one of my favorite countries to visit. Why do I love Belize? The answer to this is pretty simple. The nature and the people. Barrier reef of Belize draws the fans of scuba diving and snorkeling from all over the world, and at the same time…

  • World Famous Panama in Central America

     August 3, 2014

    Panama has been one of my favorite travel destinations and I’d been dreaming of going there someday. Recently, when I managed to visit the country for the first time, I fell in love with it for the second time. The heart of international shipping and the server of connection point between the Caribbean and the Pacific, Panama is one of the major tourist destinations since the last few years since the introduction of cheap flights from…

  • Guatemala, The Mayan Heart of Central America

     July 29, 2014

    When I first heard of Guatemala, I realized that I didn’t truly understand what makes this country an exciting place to explore. Until recently when I traveled there and figured out that the country is packed with historical sites and excessive charms. It’s true when someone says that the Mayan heart of Central America is Guatemala. My favorite parts of the country are the volcanoes, lakes, lively market of Chichicastenango and the colonial city of Antigua;…

  • Planning a Long Term Trip? Which Travel Insurance to Consider

     July 27, 2014

    Travel is always an exciting time offering us the opportunity to get away from normal routine and rest. Depending on personal references, there are many different types of holidays that people plan. They may be a safari, stay in a mountain lodge or a stay in a beach resort. Each holiday choice comes with its own unique risks and challenges. You will have to plan your holiday early enough for you to also know the right…

  • Great Outdoors in El Salvador

     July 24, 2014

    To me, El Salvador is a perfect place for great outdoor activities, minus the massive crowds you’ll experience elsewhere. The small El Salvador is situated in Central America and the most densely populated country in the region. A lot of people tend to miss out what El Salvador has to offer to the visitors including its natural forests, beaches and even some of the archaeological sites. I truly enjoy El Salvador and would like to preach…

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