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5 Famous Bridges in the USA

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Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 5 Famous Bridges in the USA

In the world today, America is boasting of its beautiful understated bridges in which one can travel right through certain regions and you could determine to drive over bridges built since 1800`s.Here is an assess of 6 bridges amongst the most famous;

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco California

This bridge spans across the Golden Gate of San Francisco bay, joining US Route 101 and California State Route 1.Its ideally valued for picturesque in the world. A designer, Leon Moisseiff completed the longest cable suspension bridge in 1937, which initially had been started by Joseph Strauss thou was deemed unacceptable from a visual point. Pedestrians easily access to it by foot or bicycles from the many vantage points to view the bridge to shatter perfect pictures. Its gorgeous when clouded with fog. (image by : Sambathkumar Sellamuthu)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco California 5 Famous Bridges in the USA

Sunshine Skyway Bridge – Tampa Florida

The Skyway Bridge is almost 7km over Tampa Bay in Florida, connects to St.Petersburg and Terra Ceia.It was partially destroyed in a shipping accident and rebuilt on 1987 February to an advanced version. Being ideal for filming, it’s often featured in automobile commercials due to its length and its sunny location hence the name sunshine. She stands 431 feet high at the highest point and just about 175 feet from the water due to the popular shipping and cruise ship laneway.

George Washington Bridge – New York

The George Washington Bridge sprawls 4760 feet across Hudson River and joins Manhattan with New Jersey. A sole bridge spreads over two different levels, upper level providing 4 lanes of traffic in each direction and lower level with 3 lanes of traffics in each direction thus a total of 14 lanes. Originally was named Hudson River Bridge, built in 1931 and designed by Cass Gilbert, but was changed soon after its dedication to the first president of the united states George Washington. It is a dedicated pass allocated allowing you to walk as a pedestrian, cycle, roller skate end to end and good photo vantage point as a tourist.

Mackinac Bridge – Michigan

The bridge was built in 1957, joins upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan, and is currently the third longest suspension bridge in the world that’s stretched over 26000 feet and 155feet high. It has 4 lanes which give direct access to about 12000 travels per day. Despite it designed by David B Steinman and named after Algonquian Native Americans in an are a Michilimackinac-great road of departure-there is no pedestrian or bicycle access across the bridge due to the reasonably low guard rails and high gusts of wind. A driver’s assistance program is used to the nervous drivers and gets transport free drives across the bridge.

Navajo Bridge – Arizona

It has two bridges, located in Marble Canyon Arizona, spans 900 feet over and 470 feet above River Colorado. Traffic flow was deemed too great on this bridge built by 1929 thus the bridge failing many highway codes by 1990.Several factors such as local interests and environmental concerns, replacement was soon applied. Since 1994, traffic was closed down, now a pedestrian access bridge with all highway codes becoming the vehicles access. A good photo point from views of a small part of this River Colorado. (image by :  Karel Koliš )

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Navajo Bridge – Arizona 5 Famous Bridges in the USA

Check out these bridges; you will love the spectacular sites that they portray. You might consider visiting them with your loved one at nightfall as the lights are very romantic. Visit them and take pictures to identify with these massive architectural and engineering achievements.


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Feature image by :  Darvin Atkeson

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