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5 Amazing Historical Sites in Rome, Italy

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Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 5 Amazing Historical Sites in Rome, Italy

Glories of ancient Rome sites can be visited for free while others are accessed through Rome passes and cards. Walking to some of these places is incredible to gives an overview of Rome’s ancient history. Below are most amazing sites:

The Coliseum of Rome

The scene was famous of many deadly gladiatorial and wild animal fights held in huge amphitheater built in AD 80 by Emperor Vespasian. Men dress in gladiatorial costume to entertain those who buy tickets as they stroll. (image by : D200-Paul (Paul Fernandez) )

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  The Coliseum of Rome 5 Amazing Historical Sites in Rome, Italy

The Pantheon

The temple of all gods, inside it’s a spectacular dome which was made into a church by early Christians and now lined with tombs. The Pantheon was built in AD 118 to AD 125 BY Emperor Hadrian. It is the best preserved building of ancient Rome surrounded by pleasant and lively piazza, a nice place to sit in the evening and enjoy a drink. Nearby is a restaurant Armando’s on a street coming off the piazza.

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum comes as a huge complex of ruined temples, basilicas, and arches. It was the ceremonial, legal, social, and business center of ancient Rome. Walk up the Capitoline Hill behind the museums for at least 2 hours at a fee and enjoy the view.

The Capitoline Hill

It holds the temple of Jupiter and holds two oldest public museums, the Palazzo Nuovo which has Greek and Roman sculptures. The Palazzo dei Conservatori that consists art galleries, sculptures and frescoes. The ticket gives you access to both museums at a fee.

Piazza Navona

Originally, Piazza was built for athletics contests and chariot races. Currently, it’s now lined with luxurious cafes and is a home to three lavish Baroque fountains. The much-touted ice-cream dessert, tartufo, is said to have originated here and you can still try it in the cafes as a splurge.

The Palatine Hill

It consists of the DomusFlavia and DomusAugustana, and was the official residence of the emperors. It also consists of palatine museum. (image by : Giulia)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  The Palatine Hill 5 Amazing Historical Sites in Rome, Italy

Baths of Diocletian

This is the largest public baths or thermae in ancient Rome. The baths can be visited with four museums ticket and Rome archeology card. It is open everyday except Monday and has several painted tomb that attracts. The baths are also serving as National Roman Museum.

Baths of Caracalla

At the foots of Aventine hill, you will get to the ruins of Baths of Caracalla which are believed to have been used in the 2nd to 6th centuries AD. It was a social event for people to take a bath at the huge complex which would house up to 1600 bathers. There are also arrays of gardens, art galleries, and a gym as well as some food and drinks shops.

Trajan’s Market

The Trajan’s Markets are thought to be the world’s oldest shopping mall and are believed by many to be administrative officers for Emperor Trajan. The shop and apartments were built in a multi level structure and you can visit several of the levels. This market includes delicate marble floors and the remains of a library. They have new houses that have a wealth of artifacts from all ancient Rome’s forums. Trajan`s market is at Via Quattro Novembre 94, closed on Mondays.

ViaAppiaAntica and Catacombs

The Via Appia, a major road to ancient Rome leads to the Appian Way, a 10 mile long archaeological park lined with ruins of tombs and monuments. It is a good way to visit by bike, although you can best enjoy walking it. Some of the Catacombs are open for public tours-check for the time of the English tour when you arrive. You can greatly enjoy in the great restaurant Cecilia Metella, especially on a nice day when you can sit on the terrace.

Ostia Antica

The Ostia Antica is not actually in Rome but in the ruins of the ancient Roman port. It is easily accessible from Rome on public transport. The Ostia is a huge complex and one can easily spend several hours wandering around the old streets, shops, and houses. At least a half day for this trip is enough.

Consider traveling with your kids or your family to these amusing historical sites as they will definitely learn a lot. Prepare in advance for tickets, and budget friendly hotels that can suit kids accommodation where will be entertained even at night.

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