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Fauna Found in Cuc Phuong Park, Vietnam

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Cuc Phuong Park in Vietnam is a well unique set up for tourism. The park has beauty, flora and fauna giving you a unique experience. Cuc Phuong has impressive ancient trees with multi-layered forest. The Fauna on the Cuc Phuong are unique and rarely seen in any other r park around Vietnam. The park has over ninety nine species of animals, three hundred species of birds, thirty six species of reptiles, seventeen species of amphibians and many species of fishes and insects. The fauna found in the park are.

The Primates.

The primates in the Cuc Phuong Park include the Gibbon, Delacours Langur, Francois Leaf, Monkey, Macaques and the slow loris. The primates live in a large fenced area to prevent them from poaching which will lead to extistion.The park has an endangered primates rescue centre that rescue and protect the sick, mistreated primates, nature them back to life, some are released back to the forest while most are kept in the center.(Image by Howard Rawson)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Primates Found in Cuc Phuong Park, Vietnam

The Invertable Fauna

Cuc Phuong Park has an active number of the invertable fauna. The invertable fauna are more diverse and more abundant .The invertable fauna found in the park include more than one thousand six hundred and seventy species. The park has eighteen types’ species of myriapoa; sixteen spiders’ shapes species, fifty-two species of annelid and one hundred and thirty species of mollusk. It has many more species of the invertable fauna that are not accounted for and they are rare and unknown ones to.

The Vertable Fauna

The veritable fauna in the Cuc Phuong park in Vietnam is more abduant and diverse, with over twenty eight orders of the vertable fauna, more than eight two families and more than two hundred and fifty known species. The bird species in the park are many and of different species, we have Bar-Backed Partridge, Scaly-Breasted Partridge, the Silver Pheasant, the Red Jungle Fowl, and the Grey Peacock-Pheasant. The other species of birds seen are laughing Thrushes, Red-Vented Barbet, the Green-Eared Barbet, the Scimitar-Billed Babblers the Brown Hawk Owl, the Scarlet Minivet, the Racket-Tailed Drongos. The amphibians score more than thirty percent of the vertable fauna found in the cuc Phuong Park, with more than hundred of fresh water fish species like the cavefish.(Image by Chris Chafer)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Bar-Backed Partridge Found in Cuc Phuong Park, Vietnam

The mammals found in the Cuc Phuong Park include the bats, the porpucine, flying squirrels, striped squirrels, belly banded squirrels and the rare giant black squirrels. The Asiatic black bear, the wild dogs and tigers have also been spotted in the park.Leopard, cloud leopards and jungle cats are some of the other mammals that you see in the park. The parks have other rare bleed of the mammals found in the parks that are not accounted for.

The park is rich with fauna that are unique and abundant. The beauty of the park is seen from the entrance to the many safaris that you will take in the park. With the rescues, centre that take care of the abandoned species to prevent extinction of the rare species. Visiting the park will give a view of the unique fauna that are rarely seen in the world.


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