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The Five Best River Cruises Around the World in 2015

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The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Best River Cruises Around the World in 2015

River cruising has become a popular leisure travel source in recent few years. A river cruise is a voyage on the rivers that flow between different cultural and historic lands of great cities that are located along these rivers. The basic idea of river cruising is giving an opportunity to passengers to travel between different ports while roaming on cruise ships which have the cool residential facilities. These tours also feature entertaining activities like meals on board, several events like concerts, contests and festival celebrations. The cruise ship has mostly five-star environment and the landscape view of travelling lands that make the journey just exhilarating. Some river cruises also include tours within the ports of stay and allow the passengers to explore the towns and cities situated along the rivers and interact with local people. This promotes cultural values and gives a chance to scrutinize various cultural aspects around the world. The best river cruises that you must select for your journey are Danube River Cruise, Rhine River Cruise, Bordeaux River Cruise, the Elbe River Cruise, and the Nile River Cruise.

1. Danube River Cruise :

The Danube River cruise is exciting in itself. The great Danube River that flows through six European countries from Germany to Austria and many historical cities like Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Nuremberg and Hungary. These cities offer many charming sites and the fun in the river with green sceneries around make the Danube River Cruise even more exciting.(Image by Maria Carver)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Danube River Cruise Best River Cruises Around the World in 2015

2. Rhine River Cruise :

The next in the river cruise list is the Rhine River which also flows through great European countries Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland. This river cruise will give you a chance to see famous cathedral in Cologne, Germany, in addition to, the historic Heidelberg and also a gothic cathedral in Strasbourg, France. Besides visiting to these sites, passengers also enjoy the bordering towns and attractive landscapes.

3. Bordeaux River Cruise:

The Bordeaux river cruise is a west France voyage through different cities of France that are located along two rivers Dordogne and Garonne. This river cruise has special feature that passengers are given opportunity to visit main wine producing regions of France. The cruise starts from the green lands of Bordeaux and continues through wine villages of France. The tour ends at Dordogne River at town Lilbourn.

4. The Elbe Cruise:

The Elbe cruise makes a voyage through Berlin in Germany to Prague. This river cruise offers stay at local hotels of both great cities. The passengers have an opportunity to witness the cultural and historical aspects of pronounced cities like Prague castle, fortress in Konigstein, rebuilt city of Magdeburg and many more city ports that are popular due to their historical anecdotes and buildings.(Image by Reinhard Schuldt)

The Adventures Of Greg Jacobs World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  The Elbe Cruise Best River Cruises Around the World in 2015

5. Nile River Cruise:

The Nile River Cruise makes a journey through great Egyptian lands like Abu Simbel, Karnack and Luxor. You can have the chance to visit ancient temples and places of Egypt like tombs of pharaohs along with eye catching views of Egyptian cities that are located on edge of river Nile. The Cruise also offers passengers to ride themselves through different ports on rented bikes and also most cruises have swimming pool facilities.

Thus river cruises in 2015 can become a page of your life’s scrap book. More and more today, river cruises are becoming a popular and entertaining way of visiting world’s cities. Once you experience life on the water life on cruise ship, vacationing will just never be the same.


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