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Five Best Vacation Spots in the World

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The world continues to grow smaller and smaller. Too often we forget the beauty that it has to offer as we sit in our corner with limited knowledge of what lies in any direction. We have so many choices so narrowing it down is difficult. Each area offers its unique history, landscape and food. The sites selected offer a wide variety of entertainment options and lovely scenery. Most offer wonderful beaches, tropical weather and wonderful people.

There are many beautiful sites in the world so narrowing it down to these five was difficult yet we remain confident in our selection. We sought out unique destinations with the infrastructure necessary to support the crowds. Sites are readily recommending the best times for activities to insure a fun trip.

1- Thailand

Our first pick for a vacation spot is Thailand. The major cities- Bangkok and Chiang Mai are ranked as one of the top 25 World destinations. Bangkok is the Capital and is known for its beautiful temples and gardens. Not be outdone, Chiang Mai is well known not only for its beautiful temples but for its night markets which is known for haggling.(Image by Aaron Geddes)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Thailand Best Vacation Spots in the World

If the sand is your vacation idea Thailand ranks three of the top 25 Asian beaches. The beaches of Nai Harn, Railay, and Phra Nang.

2- China

Our second pick for a vacation spot is China. Need we say more than the Great Wall? The Forbidden City? Cities such as Beijing (Peking) is known for sites such as the Opera which is known for the facial make up which has been a tradition for 1400 years. I’m sure it will be playing during your stay.

3- Bali

Our third pick is Bali. Located in Indonesia Bali is known for its lovely tropical landscape. There are plenty of creatures to see from monkeys to sea life among the coral. For the artists among us the city of Uber provides beautiful silver and batik. Bali is gaining greatly in popularity so certain sites are crowded and should be planned in advance.

4- Perth

Our fourth pick is Perth, Australia. There are definitely activities for everyone. There is shopping in the city of Leederville. There are cruises down the Swan River. Fresh sea food is available in the city of Fremantle. Of course wine lovers must enjoy the samples of the local wineries. You name you can have in Perth.(Image by Matt Austen)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Perth Best Vacation Spots in the World

5- Brisbane

Call it a friendly rivalry. Our last pick is also located in Australia and is Brisbane and is the third largest city. There are some very cool things to do in this city absolutely free! Suggestions include the Koala Center where you can see Australia’s favorite critter-yep the Koala bear! And it’s free! So take advantage of the many freebees available.

Travel opens the mind. Experiencing these tremendous destinations will enrich your life and the ones around. The Great Wall of China and other quoted fill your soul with images that will never be erased. You may want a camera to record who you were with but the image will always be in you. We think that Scoopon Travel can help make these dream vacations come true, which, yes would make you a very lucky person.



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