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The World’s Best Entertainment Events

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Talk about great travel opportunities is generally focused on the where, but it’s also important to remember the when. Even the quietest, most unremarkable destinations can be transformed by entertainment events that bring together people from around the world. If you’re thinking about what to do for your next vacation, why not consider one of these? It certainly makes an exciting alternative to lying on the beach, and it will give you an experience you’ll always remember.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The world’s most spectacular party, with costumes that take their wearers months to make, the Carnival sees rival samba schools competing to show off their skills in a spectacular parade, and there are many more dance events both indoors and outdoors, plus hundreds of parties, during the week-long celebrations. Rio has a lot of hotels but if you want to stay where it’s all happening, it’s best to book early (the event takes place in the last week before Lent). Some travelers, however, recommend staying a little further away if you actually want to sleep!(Image by oezicomix)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Carnival in Rio de Janeiro Best Entertainment Events

Ultra in Miami

A hugely popular electronic music festival that has spawned similar events around the world, this is the original and still the best, consistently bringing in big names as well as promoting new discoveries. It now attracts around 100,000 people, which means there’s never a shortage of parties to attend but also that it’s wise to get in early with your downtown Miami hotel booking. Some attendees choose to stay in Omni or Edgewater, or take the Metro bus from South Beach. The event takes place in late March.

The Cannes Film Festival

Held in mid-May, Cannes is the most important film festival of the year. Although the official screenings are mostly just for critics, there are hundreds of other screenings going on around the town, with the chance to discover something really special, plus there’s sun, sea and sand, numerous parties, and the chance to see the stars as they walk the red carpet. Accommodation must be booked early and can be pricey but it’s easy to stay in a neighboring town and travel in each day.

Comic-Con San Diego

The year’s biggest event for comic, science fiction and fantasy fans, held in July, Comic-Con boasts an enormous bazaar, fantastic costumes, workshops and panel discussions, opportunities to meet favorite artists and writers, plus sneak peeks at some of the biggest upcoming movies. The event currently attracts around 130,000 people. The organizers produce a list of hotels near the venue and put on a shuttle bus for attendees, so you can stay with other fans and enjoy the sociable atmosphere to the max.

The Philadelphia Folk Festival

This legendary event, now half a century old, is not only the most important festival on the US folk calendar but an important part of the world music calendar, acting as a showcase for artists working in many different traditions. Most attendees camp but it’s also possible to travel in and out from the city and pick up tickets to events in Philadelphia so the fun doesn’t have to end with the third weekend of August.

La Tomatina in Buñol

The world’s most spectacular food fight, La Tomatina sees the whole town of Buñol, Spain – plus a lot of visitors – hurl ripe tomatoes at each other until the streets run red. Not an occasion for formal dress, it begins in the morning with a ritual contest to climb a greased pole in order to reach a ham. The fight itself runs from eleven until noon and is followed by the use of hoses to wash everything (and everyone) clean. La Tomatina is held on the last Wednesday in August and there are other festivities running all week. The easiest place to find a hotel is Valencia, an hour’s bus ride away.(Image by Gay Travel Advice)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - La Tomatina in Buñol Best Entertainment Events

Oktoberfest in Munich

The biggest funfair in the world, with rides and games and all manner of sideshows, Oktoberfest is best known internationally for its beer, which is consumed in huge quantities with no small number of drinking competitions taking place. There’s also a lot of eating, especially of traditional foods like sausages, roast pork, roast chicken and dumplings. Though the event takes place in tents, visitors generally stay in hotels, of which Munich has plenty. These days, Oktoberfest generally starts in late September.

Hogmanay in Edinburgh

The biggest New Year celebration in the world, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay party fills the streets of the old city and features big-name Scottish bands alongside fairground rides and other forms of entertainment. This is the most important festive occasion on the Scottish calendar and you can expect a warm welcome despite the chill in the air. Hotels should be booked early but it is also possible to stay in Glasgow and take advantage of late buses to get back when you’ve run out of energy.


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