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The Wonders of Mexico City

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It’s the largest city in the country and also a center of cultural exchange, political, educational and financial. Mexico City is located in North America and has been considered as the “alpha global city” due to its important role in the world of finance. By visiting this amazing city, you’ll not only experience a memorable cultural experience but it will also change your perspectives toward a new country you’ve never visitied before. I was surprised at how Mexico City managed to present itself as a place of wondrous moments and never-ending beauty.

Based on my experience, a few places you should visit are :


The famous remains of Aztec city – the legendary Tenochtitlan – is located to the north-east of the Zocalo square. The history dates back to 1978 when a huge stone disc of around 3.25 metres in diameter was discovered by a local electrical company’s maintenance men. It turned out the figure engraved on it was the goddes of Moon of the Aztec people, called as Coyolxauhqui. Today, every traveler makes the terrific museum of Templo Mayor as a must-see destination. (image by : Guido Kritz)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tenochhitlan The Wonders of Mexico City

Plaza de la Constitucion

The locals call this square and heart of Mexico City as Zocalo but the official name of this place is Plaza de la Constitucion. This is the place where endless photography sessions would be done and every corner of Zocalo is a beautiful scenery to a photographer. Alongside the Metropolitan Cathedral, street vendors would often contribute to the busy environment as well by providing a wide range of collectables and amazing street food! Every now and then, religious parades and events would take place at Plaza de la Constitucion with people of different nationalities and backgrounds cluttering the place.

House of Blue Tiles

It was actually a palace back in the 18th century before it was turned into a home of the famous Sanborn’s restaurant chain. Casa de los Azulejos, or known as House of Blue Tiles in English, is a place where you can enjoy your desired Mexican food such as the famous tortilla soup and quesadillas under the amazing murals by Orozco and Pacologue.

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

Catedral Metropolitana is a terrific place to experience that old sinking feeling. The most notable of this church is actually the dropping water table where the tourists and locals get the chance to drink away the water from beneath their feet, literally. However, as beautiful as it may seems, the whole structure of Metropolitan Cathedral is condemned to a slow collapse.

Murals in Mexico City

Tourists get the chance to tour the Murals in Mexico City by the legendary artist Diego Rivera during their visits. Do not travel to Mexico City WITHOUT taking a tour of the murals by Rivera. You’ll regret this, I can assure you. The murals were beautifully painted and definitely an enchanting piece of Mexico City. My favorite one would be the Dream of Sunday Afternoon located in the Alameda Park. (image by : mac )

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Murals in Mexico City The Wonders of Mexico City

Frida Kahlo Museum

Uniquely presented in a Mexican way and in its modest size, the La Casa Azul Museo Frida Kahlo is also known as the Blue House. It’s a place where all art lovers will get the chance to appreciate Kahlo’s greatest aesthetic. As a lover of arts, I am intrigued by how detailed her all of her arts are. My favorite painting is definitely Las Dos Fridas. It’s not a big surprise to know why every week visitors will be cluttering to Museo del Arte Moderno just to witness the most distinctive masterpieces of Frida Kahlo.

Other than that, the Mexico City also boast having North America’s second largest train system called the Mexico City Metro. Visiting the city is a new experience full of rich culture and one-of-a-kind history. To me, the regrets of never giving the Mexico City a chance of visit will never always haunt anyone who refuse to experience the beauty of the city. It’s beyond amazing and you will never want to leave the beautiful country.

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