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Top Four Things To Do In Alaska

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July is the month of summer. And summer is definitely the best time to visit Alaska. In July, I was experiencing one of the best moments in my life when I spent my summer in The Final Frontier with the most common activities such as hiking, fishing, whale watching, wildlife viewing, train adventures and a lot more various local events. It is in Alaska where you can reel in a record-breaking halibut, catch the beautiful crashing of glaciers or even conquer North America’s largest mountain! As if I needed to tell you more about it, I will list down my favorite top four things to in Alaska. Ride the Rails

It’s no doubt one of the best ways to learn more about Alaska. The last memory of me riding the rails with domed ceilings and wide windows opened, I remember the routes stretched from Seward, running through Anchorage, Denali and all the way to Fairbanks. With available luxury seating, the tours usually last from two to twelve hours. Hurrican Turn is one of the most unique routes where it covers such area that has no roads. (image by : Scott Laidlaw)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Ride the Rails Top Four Things To Do In Alaska

Watch Wildlife

Denali National Park is located about 120 miles south of Fairbanks and 240 miles north of Anchorage. It is set on a massive area – larger than the state of Massachusetts – and famously known as the site of the largest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley. Back in 1917, it was first established as a game refuge. When visiting Denali National Park, you can expect to watch some grizzly bears, moose, caribou and Dall sheep. Wolves and black bears are occassionally seen as well, although the wolverine has been proven to be much more illusive. During my stay, I figured out that it’s hard to catch the sight of the peak of Mt. McKinley. But still, a visit to the park worth it.

Drive The Highway

The 414-mile Deathly Dalton Highway is officially known as Alaska Route 11. Considered as one of the most isolated roads in the country, it extends just north of Fairbanks and end near the Arctic Ocean. Originally built to support the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, there are only three towns situated along the road, which mostly features breathtaking scenery. My advice is simple, though. If you’ve decided to drive the Deathly Dalton Highway, just drive carefully. There’s a reason why the route is nicknamed as “Haul Road” because of the number of trucks traversing the route.

Catch The Sight

Have you ever seen the aurora borealis dancing and naturally displaying beautiful color up in the sky before? If you would like to experience the real “Northern Lights”, Alaska is definitely the best place to experience it. Although I can’t really say when you’ll spot the light because it’s unpredictable, you’ll stand a better chance of seeing it in Alaska than elsewhere. The phenomenon is most visible when skies are clear and the weather is mild, especially in the months of March and September. (image by : Spreng Ben)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Catch The Sight  Top Four Things To Do In Alaska

To me, Alaska is definitely a place worth a visit. It’s a different destination on Earth and if you enjoy calmer experience, you should consider visiting Alaska.

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