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Exploring Alice Springs, Australia

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Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Exploring Alice Springs, Australia

Known as the capital of Red Center of Australia, Alice Springs is the take off platform to numerous famous vacation spots. Loaded with beautiful characteristic of its own, I was excited to visit Alice Springs. It offers all the visitors beautiful botanic arrangements, memorable structures and bushwalking trails. Alice Springs also acts as the base from which to visit the Ayer Rocks (famously known as Uluru), which is most likely the motivation behind most of the individuals would want to visit this town.

There are reasons why I prefer Alice Springs. The town made me feel I had a great, harsh, independent trip to it. Stop and stay in Alice Springs first on your approach to Uluru. Trust me, it didn’t disappoint me at all.

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation cost me around USD20 per night for a dorm room in a budget hostel. Private rooms with a shared bathroom and a cozy double bed would cost around USD65 a night. If you are looking for budget hotels, expect to be paying around USD80 for a double room with a private washroom, breakfast and TV. As for the food in Alice Springs, truth is, for under USD10 I paid for cheap meals. However, sometimes I would pay around USD15 for a good feast in a casual restaurant. I didn’t cook for my dinner but if you’re planning to, I would say an average of USD70-USD80 for every week is considered a standard. Food around here has a tendency to be more less expensive and pub-based. (image by :  University of Nottingham )

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Accommodation and Food Exploring Alice Springs, Australia

Transportation and Money Saving Tips

Taxis are considerably costly and since the downtown is pretty accessible via foot, I didn’t see a reason why I should take taxis to somewhere. However, I spent USD140 for a shuttle Uluru from the town which took me 6 hours to reach there. For USD300, you can get a multi-day tour in Uluru easily though. As for the money saving tips, I would say attempt to stock up some snacks from the grocery store before you set off for Uluru. In the event that you aim to use a couple of days up at Uluru, outdoor camping is a choice as the resorts here are unreasonably priced.

Where Did I Go?

Near the grand Todd River is the Olive Pink Botanical Garden. I spent my time walking around the heavenly arranged enclosures while looking at their vital accumulations of outlandish plants, full grown local trees and bushes. This spot is additionally has numerous excursion spots. For those who loves trekking, the The Larapinta 155-mile trail is one of the best spots I would recommend for you. Trek through high mountains in a semi-desert zone and experience the connection with the nature there. And now the Ayers Rock (also known as Uluru) is the most famous excursion of the town. It’s of incredible religious vitality to the neighborhood Aborigines. Guests here are permitted to stroll around the base, or get guided walk-tours with the local Aborigines. (image by : Andrew )

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Where Did I Go Exploring Alice Springs, Australia

Exploring Alice Springs opened up my eyes a little bit more and I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature we have. I hope you would consider visiting Australia and to Alice Springs someday!


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