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Wyoming Wanderers: Bear Country Basics for Tourists

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Wyoming offers endless wilderness, bewitching tourists and residents alike. However, novice hikers heed warning regarding appropriate gear, marked trails, and knowing limits of athleticism and sense of direction. Before wandering about in the Wyoming wilderness, mind the basics of bear country.

Avoid Slips and Falls

The most frequent injury occurs due to slips and falls rather than bears and claws. The appropriate hiking boot ensures you won’t slip on rocks and handle inclines. Severe weather creates blankets of snow and ice, making hiking difficult and potential hazards hidden for beginners. Invest in a sturdy pair of hiking boots and associated gear including socks, gloves, and hats.

Dress Correctly

Wearing appropriate gear avoids slips and falls as well as protects wearers from discomfort associated to severe weather and conditions. A beginner mistake is layering. For example, cotton is comfortable and common, yet retains sweat as well as water. Wearing a cotton sweatshirt becomes uncomfortable when rain and winds kick in. Another point to consider, carrying too much gear makes a beginner hiker weary.

Know First Aid

Learn basic first aid before venturing off alone or with small parties. It’s important to address immediate injuries as well as identify particular illnesses related to plants of the Wyoming woods. A number of outdoor manufacturers produce hiking or ‘day packs’ that provide travelers with access to water as well as room to carry a first aid kit.

Stay Put in the Dark

Stay in place after nightfall, especially if unfamiliar with the terrain and what lies just a few feet ahead. Many accidents happen in the dark, featuring sprained and broken ankles as well as a number of injuries related to falls. If you’re staying overnight in the woods, establish camp well before nightfall and make note of immediate surroundings. Bring along a flashlight to aid sight, yet it’s best to stay in place until hours of daylight.

Hire a Guide

In addition to national parks and places of local and state regulation, tourists hire private guides to accompany them on alternative journeys into the woods. There is a learning curve related to camping and hiking in the woods and one cannot learn all there is to know via reference tools; experience is the best tool, so it’s beneficial to walk in the woods with those with rich experience. Additionally, if you change your mind about staying overnight, or start to feel exhausted and tired, don’t be far from luxury hotels in Jackson Hole, WY.

Avoid Bear Areas

Bears, one of nature’s beautiful animals, are mostly non-threatening to humans. However, bears are wild animals. If you’re approached, remain calm and speak in a normal tone. Loud sounds may deter the bear, yet give it every opportunity to avoid you. Bears are curious and want to know you’re not a threat. Avoid bear areas unless accompanied by an educated guide.

Being prepared is the best guide, yet novice hikers bring along the appropriate gear, educated guides, and the right attitude when it comes to staying in the Wyoming woods.

Jerry Wheeler has been to Wyoming on several occasions. An avid writer, he likes to share his experiences with others by posting online. His articles appear on many popular websites and blogs.

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