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Best Places for Shopping in Cambridge

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What is a vacation without shopping? Sometimes if the weather is bad, or it’s too hot, or you just feel like doing something different, shopping offers a break. You might happen to catch some of the events held at these malls.These great places to shop in Cambridge will not disappoint, and if you’re not careful will empty out your wallet pretty quick.

Harvard Square

Harvard Square is Cambridge’s best-known shopping center. You’ll find this commercial center located near Harvard University, at the corner of the Mid-Cambridge neighborhood.  This area carries high-end shopping as well as local retailers. This shopping center is also known for having “The Garage” which was originally a parking garage. Some popular stores include Urban Outfitters, The Coop, and Harvard University’s bookstore.  You can find affordable prices on hotels near the neighborhood on by kun0me)

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Harvard Square Places for Shopping in Cambridge

CambridgeSide Galleria

The CambridgeSide Galleria is an indoor mall located in Cambridge. It has 120 stores comprising both local and international merchants. It is three stories tall and has a food court with 13 food choices to choose from. Popular stores like Ann Taylor and Abercrombie and Fitch are here. If the weather isn’t looking too good, make plans to spend the day walking around this exquisite shopping center.

Assembly Row

Assembly Row is new to Cambridge seeing that it just opened in May of 2014. This shopping center has only 50 stores, but is also home to an AMC Movie Theatre. It does have one store all kids know and love; Legoland is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours. Other popular stores include Loft Outlet, J. Crew, and Steve Madden.

Porter Square Galleria

The Porter Square Galleria is uniquely known for its mix of Indian, Japanese, and Eastern cultures. The area is also home to Lesley University. There are lots of great shops like Anna’s Taqueria, and Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store. Great places to eat like Panera are in the area as well. Great shopping and great food make this a great place to spend the day while visiting Cambridge.

The Arsenal Project

This shopping center was formerly known as the Arsenal Mall. The reason for its name is that it was built in an old U.S. Army Arsenal, and even more recently it served as the command center of the hunt for the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings. The mall is indoors and has many great shops like Sperry’s, Gymboree, and Forever 21.

The Shops at Prudential Center

Evation Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Prudential Center Places for Shopping in Cambridge

The Prudential Center is home to some of Greater Boston’s shopping. Completed in 1993, it’s near the Hynes Convention Center, Copley Square, and the Huntington Avenue Towers. There is also a Catholic Chapel located in the shopping center. Outside there is a breathtaking Skywalk that will give you a great view of Boston. It is home to popular high-end stores such as the well-known Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord and Taylor.
Which one of these shopping centers sounds like the best for you? Make sure you check a few out next time you’re visiting Cambridge.(Image by  Michael Kappel)


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