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Why Vegas Can’t be Missed

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vegas for families

Known affectionately as ‘Sin City’, the ‘Entertainment and Gambling Capital of the World’, and the ‘City of Lights’, Las Vegas is one of those places that frequently appears on lists of cities to visit before you die; everyone has heard of it after all, and there are so many things to see and do. Could you fit it all in?


There is nowhere quite like Vegas

Whether you thrive on electricity, revel in discovering something new, or are satisfied to sit back and take it all in, Las Vegas has enough to keep you entertained for, weeks. The Strip, for example, is home to a myriad of venues to thrill and take your breath away, from shows and live concerts, restaurants and bars that serve cuisines from all over the world, numerous casinos and opportunities to gamble, and a whole host of amazing experiences.


If you want to swim amongst the fishes you can dive into Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef. Meanwhile if you’re traveling with children, or are a big kid yourself, you can travel to the Adventuredome, Stratosphere Tower, or the Fountains of Bellagio. If you can do only one thing in Vegas, make sure that it is everything.

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However, if you would like to explore Las Vegas in a little more depth, why not try any one of the many museums that dot the highways and byways of the city. The Natural History Museum, for example, has an amazing array of exhibitions, whilst the Titanic Artifacts Exhibition is perhaps the biggest, and best, display of everything connected to the ill-fated cruise. If you are interested in the mob, the Mob Museum is a catalogue of everything sinful about Sin City.  For lovers of nature, of the Grand Canyon, Black Canyon, Springs Nature Preserve, and Hoover Dam are all easily accessible from Vegas, and must be seen to be believed.


Stay and play in Las Vegas

Of course, you cannot think about Las Vegas without being drawn in by the many hotels that lie on, and off, the Strip; whatever your budget, or propensity for glamor, there is sure to be a venue for a good night’s sleep that suits your tastes. The Mirage and the Bellagio, for example, are renowned as being two of the most luxurious hotels in the city; they ooze glitz and glamor, whilst offering fantastic shopping, thrilling shows, fine dining, and exquisite accommodation with very few details spared. For a more family-friendly vacation look to Treasure Island, which features two full-sized pirate ships, themed decor, a breathtaking pirate show, and plenty of entertainment for children young and old. There are, of course, smaller hotels, self-catering apartments, and B&Bs located in and around Vegas, and you must decide upon your budget before falling in love with a particular venue as well as thinking about who you need to cater for and where you would like to be based. There are so many travel sites online these days, so be sure to check them out as you plan your vacation.

stay an play vegas

All of these luxury hotels have one thing in common (aside from their fantastic location, attention to detail, and sheer opulence); they were all the brainchild of hotel and casino magnate Steve Wynn, and their existence in his portfolio serves to reflect his dedication to reinventing Las Vegas from a once ‘cheesy’ and disregarded destination, to one of the world’s top vacation spots. In addition to his burgeoning hotel and casino career, Mr. Wynn is also a keen art collector, cinematographer, and political critic; it is little wonder that his involvement in Las Vegas’s recent history has been so bright and varied, as his personal life is equally artistic and colorful. Further information regarding the hotel magnate, casino developer, cinematographer, and even actor, can be found by searching Steve Wynn on IMDb.

If you are the sort of person who likes to ask questions and query facts, be reassured by this; Las Vegas is one place you must visit before you die. Whether you are flying through and have barely enough to time to place a bet and see a show, or have a whole vacations-worth of time to discover everything on offer on, and off, the Strip, do not miss this vibrant, engaging, and inspirational city. After all, it is home to the food, culture, and artifacts of numerous countries and civilizations; where else on earth would you get all of that in one destination?


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