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What are the Advantages to Moving to New Zealand from the UK?

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If you are looking for a change from life in England and are considering emigrating somewhere else, New Zealand is a great option. Many Brits have chosen to move to New Zealand from the UK and have fallen in love with the New Zealand lifestyle.

So what are some of the reasons why you have fallen in love with New Zealand?

There is No Language Barrier

‘Kiwis’ speak English, which makes it much easier when looking for jobs and integrating into society. Moving to another country is difficult without having to learn another language on top of that. The only challenge is getting used to the switched around vowels of the Kiwi accent.

There is Plenty of Great Outdoors

If you are tired of living in dreary, grey, smoggy England surrounded by concrete, New Zealand offers you the opportunity to live within a paradise of unspoiled nature. In New Zealand there are incredibly diverse landscapes, from snow-capped mountain peaks to hot and sunny beaches to tranquil lakes and enormous volcanos. There are very few people living in New Zealand and most of the country consists of wild, untouched nature. For the outdoor lover, it’s the perfect adventure playground.

It’s Affordable

Living in New Zealand is less expensive than you might think. In a recent world-wide cost of living survey of 144 cities, Wellington and Auckland were ranked in the top 50 for affordability and quality of life. This means that you can live a good life in New Zealand for less than you would in other developed countries.

It’s Full of Opportunity

New Zealand has a smaller population, which allows for an easier advancement in your career. If you are struggling to find a job in an overcrowded market in one of the major cities in the UK, you might find that your skills are more in demand in a city in New Zealand. Once you have your visa for New Zealand you might be able to find a job much more easily. There is a low unemployment rate here too and a great rate of economic growth. Businesses in New Zealand tend to have an innovative approach to business, flexible attitudes and an increasingly multicultural workforce. Also being close to the Pacific Rim and Asian markets offers a lot of opportunities.

new zealand safe

It’s Safe

New Zealand is a relatively safe country with low levels of crime and corruptions. The society is tolerant and liberal and personal freedom is held as important. Communities are inclusive and the society is open and welcoming, without a rigid class structure. The country is very politically stable and has a fair legal system.

There is a Laid Back Lifestyle

When you meet most New Zealanders you will discover that they are usually very chilled out, laid back people who are quite happy with life. That’s mostly because the quality of life is so good in their country. It’s easier to find a balance between work and play here and there is an emphasis on a healthy balanced lifestyle that includes friends, hobbies, exercise and exploring the great outdoors. New Zealanders are also very friendly and you will find that the people you meet will go out of their way to ensure that you have a great experience there.

New Zealanders tend to be less materialistic, focusing more on friendships, family and community. As a result, there is less stress and anxiety in the culture. Of course, the beautiful landscapes and the sunny weather also helps this – you really will feel happier and more relaxed when you are in such beautiful surroundings.

Of Course, There are Downsides

No country is perfect and there are also disadvantages to living in New Zealand. There can be limited career opportunities due to a small market, which might make it a challenge to find a job. Since the sun is more powerful there is a higher risk of contracting skin cancer. Due to the high shipping costs and the smaller economy you will be paying a higher price for certain items.

Also you will be geographically distant from pretty much everywhere else in the world, which makes it more expensive and difficult to travel or visit family. Taxes are high and interest rates are some of the highest in the world if you are borrowing money.

Before you make the leap and choose to move to New Zealand, take a good look at the pros and cons for the decision. Make sure that you have researched everything carefully, so you know what to expect from the experience of moving to this country. New Zealand could be the best location for you and could offer you a fantastic lifestyle, so why not check it out?


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