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5 Amazing Family Attractions in France

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Famous for its cheeses and wines, France is the most popular tourist destination in the world receiving over eighty million foreign visitors annually where they are attracted by a beautiful countryside, historic cities, Loire Valley castles, and Normandy and Brittany. Aside from that, the country provides an amazing climate, wide winter sports possibilities especially in the Pyrenees and the Alps, the island of Corsica and the Atlantic coast, some breathtaking beaches along the French Riviera, and a very rich culture with wine and foods that are among the most best in the world. If you happen to arrive from Scotland or the UK, there are nowaday great deals on flights from Edinburgh to Paris, among from many other great destination in Europe. 

That said, here are five amazing family attractions in France that you should consider when you visit.


1. Dordogne Castles, Caves and Adventure Parks


Dordogne is a located in central France and is a lesser-known family gem, with a wide variety of things to see and do. It is home to some of Europe’s oldest cave paintings, eccentric medieval castles on the edge of the Dordogne River, nature parks that wow children of all ages, among many others. Idyllic villages provide affordable self-catering for accommodation whereby family can stay like locals for one or more weeks.


2. Nice Queen of the French Riviera


Experience the glamour of the French Riviera and Nice Queen with family! Located deep southern France, Nice is on the Mediterranean coast and just a few kilometers from the Italian border. The city was an integral part of the Savoy Kingdom (modern day Italy) until during the 1880s when it was recognized as a French city. The Italian influence in the city is there for everyone to see when moving around.


3. Paris – Disneyland


There is something for every family in Paris –fabulous, art, history and famous landmarks. Visiting the famous parks in Paris is a must when in the city with kids. Ensure to take your kids through the Luxembourg Gardens and for a spin on the carousel in Tuilerries Gardens. Cruising the Seine provides a unique viewpoint of the city’s famous landmarks as well as an opportunity to rest weary legs after a long day of work. Climbing the Eiffel Tower is something destined to last in the minds of your kids forever.

4. Le Train Vapeur Des Cévennes 


Take the steam train from Saint Jean du Gard to Anduze and get inspired on a journey across the Gardon through viaducts, along beautiful landscapes.


Train a Vapeur des Cévennes  (TVC) is another name for the ‘Steam-Train-the-Cévennes’ that runs almost each day between St Jean du Gard and Anduze especially during the holiday season. From the steam train, you and your family can enjoy the amazing view over Gardon, where you can watch sunbakers and bathers equally waving to the train. The train takes about 40 minutes to complete the journey.

5. Paris – Asterix Park


Parc Asterix is a theme park in Plailly, located thirty kilometers north of Paris. Parc Asterix is dedicated to the world of Obelix and Asterix, who were the heroes of the famous Asterix books created by French writers Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo in 1959. The park is fun for the whole family, taking in both the not so young and the young. The park has 30 attractions and rides for young kids.


 With a variety of amazing attractions to see and experience, there is no reason why you should not plan a Paris family vacation. What’s more, flights from the UK to Paris are affordable, for example, flights from Manchester to Paris  is among the most affordable ones for families planning to visit the French capital.


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Images credit (under CCL) by order:   Vincent LockDordogneGlen ScarboroughModestine L’ânesse des CévennesCristian Bortes

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