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Travel News: Top Golf Courses in Algarve, Portugal

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The best way to enjoy the golf and understands its nuisance is by renting golf villas in a beautiful country and one great example is Portugal. Portugal has been known for its impressive, rolling hills as well as it perfect, balmy weather. Portugal has an ideal setting for the attractive villas where the guests will be kicking backs, relaxing as well as enjoying the Golf sport. Thus with the availability of balmy weather as well as well growing collection of some of the best Golf courses in Europe, the Golf holidays in Portugal have a lot to provide the avid golfers. Besides having the variety of Golf courses throughout Portugal, a majority are concentrated near Lisbon, in Algarve, where there are a couple of hidden gems on the neighboring island of Madeira. 

About Algarve

In recent years, the Golf Holidays Algarve has become very popular, with the Portugal’s south coast substantially turning to be the most significant golfing destination in Europe. This region has been attracting thousands of the holiday goers every year with its combination of excellent beaches, glorious weather, and relaxed atmosphere. Thus, Algarve has features that make it equally appealing to the individuals interested in going for a golf holiday in Portugal. There are many courses in the region among them being:

1. Monte Rei

This course was opened in the year 2007, and it has quickly established itself as among the best courses in Portugal. Taking a Golf holiday at Monte Rei allows the individuals to enjoy a challenging and a superb course that was designed by Jack Nicklaus.

2. Vale do Lobo

This is an Oceanside fairways, and it includes two eighteen-hole courses: the Royal, this is where a straight hitting is compulsory, and the ocean, that has been designated as the top three courses in Portugal. Once in Vale do Lobe, you are certain of loving the gorgeous Atlantic view where you will be getting to the challenging Par four seconds of the eleventh and fourteenth ocean holes.

3. Palmares

This is an excellent course which is only two kilometers to the east of Lagos and comes alive in the spring when the almonds, acacias, as well as the other shrubs, are all bloom The challenging holes are situated on the sand dunes and are featured at the open eighteen-hole Par seventy-one course, as well as driving range, putting green and chipping green affords various opportunities for practicing.


4. Quinta da Ria

This course is situated in the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, and is among the top Portuguese courses, having mountain and ocean views form different locations. The eighteen holes are dotted with at least three hundred carobs and olive trees. Various tricky doglegs have to be dealt with, and sands, as well as the lakes hazards, stands in the way of a lot of greens. There are two driving ranges which are available, one is designed to be used with irons and includes a Golf school devoted to iron shots, while the other permits individuals to use their woods in practicing how to make long hits.

5. Santora de Terra

This course is situated in the mountain of Madeira. It features some truly gorgeous views. It is among the challenging courses, mostly when the wind is up.

6. Palheiro Golfe

Overlooking the south coast and Funchal around the Palheiro is as much as enjoying the view since is about perfecting one’s game. This is a great course to play on when having a Golf break in Portugal.


Portugal is the mecca for the golf players and provides many courses. In case you are planning a golf holiday in Portugal, you won’t be disappointed with the variety as well as the breadth of the courses available.



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